Empowering Clients to Understand, Plan & Manage their Healthcare Expenses & Benefit Selection

99% of Americans don’t understand how much they spend annually on healthcare expenses.

Our products provide a lifetime view of healthcare expenses to empower today’s benefits decisions.


What makes our technology unique?

The healthcare data banks that exist today are of mind-blowing size & complexity.  The vast intelligence that lies within this data has been largely untapped.

Our products deliver ground-breaking expertise in transforming an ocean of  healthcare data into actionable intelligence that matters most to you & your family.


DZee Products



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86% of healthcare consumers want their plan info tailored to their unique situation & risks. We deliver that & more.

Take the guesswork out of selecting a healthcare plan

The best available choices are generated for the individual & family based on their financial profile & health history.

Personalized Results

We analyze your personal health history & plan information and provide personalized best-fit recommendations.

Unique Savings Plan

A unique healthcare savings plan is developed for you with short, medium & long term strategies.

Expense Forecasting

DZee products forecast your future health care expenses based on real collected data patterns.

Big Data Comparison

Our Big Data Engine compares your personal healthcare information with industry data in a matter of seconds for accurate results.

Completely Customizable

Customize your savings plan to match your personal financial goals.

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of American Bankruptcies are caused by Healthcare Expenses
Avg. Yearly Total Healthcare Costs for a Family of 4
of Adults are unable to pay for their medical expenses
Avg. Annual out-of-pocket expenses for a Family of 4

"I had no idea how much I should be saving for my future healthcare expenses. DZee plan's personalized savings plan made it easy for me to understand how much to save & when to start! "

− Taylor Craver

"I wish I had met DZee before, then I wouldn't have had to go through this financial pain because of my health. I recommend every American uses DZee so they can understand, plan and manage their healthcare expenses"

− Ann McGurty

"While there are other healthcare savings calculators out there, DZee plan's individualized forecasting solution is unique & trustworthy! Thanks DZee! "

− Craig Baute