Americans under 65 will have trouble paying medical bills

56M Americans under age 65 will have trouble paying their medical bills. The picture is not pretty for retirement either.  Imagine what will happen as more of the responsibility for healthcare spending is shifting towards consumer.

Business are leaning towards high deductible plans, and a lot more businesses are trying to hire part timers. Why? So they do not have to offer healthcare to their employees. Consumers need to have the tools to manage this uncertainty.

How do people today manage their healthcare expenses? They avoid visits to Dr.’s Office, cut down on medication & delay procedures. Long term it will cost even more for consumers.

Save often & save early, that is the only answer. Wait a minute, do not rush to a financial planner and pay a couple of hundred dollars to get your health care expense plan. Help is on the way.

DzeePlan is a mobile application that you can download, provide some basic information, and it will give you an easy to understand expense plan and also show you how much you can save per month to take care of you and your families health.

In the 90 days after the enrollment period is over, you can take uncertainty of healthcare expense out of your life.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Do not forget to tell your friends about DZeePlan.


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