Empowering the Consumer- The Only Solution to Healthcare

Larry Summers from Harvard along with 250 other economists, according to Bloomberg, got together at a UN meeting to declare that healthcare is the most important issue for the world. A dollar spent for the health of the poor is a dollar best spent.

There is no disagreement that healthcare is the most important issue. Off-course income disparity also plays a role. People with higher income tend to live longer. All is good so far. In the US, per capita spending on healthcare is the highest in the world. Does that mean people in the US are more healthy? Not really.

The most advanced country in the world has not solved the problem as to how to deliver cost effective healthcare to consumers. The reason being that the system is not affordable because there is no transparency.  The obvious question to ask is: How can we create an affordable and transparent healthcare system?  I sure hope that the Government does not create another program to solve this problem, because Government is the problem.

The simple answer is: Empower consumers. The top down approach has not worked. There are a lot of stake holders who are not adding any value to the healthcare ecosystem.  The so called ‘Affordable Care Act’ created another stakeholder, called the ‘Accountable Care Organization (ACO)’.

There has to be a systematic effort to educate consumers on healthcare costs in terms of premiums, out of pocket expenses, costs of visits to Dr., Hospitals, etc.  Consumers should be encouraged to save for healthcare expenses. Consumers should take more responsibility for making the decision to choose the Dr., Lab, or hospital.

DZeeSolutions is creating a mobile app for consumers to understand their lifetime costs of healthcare so they can understand and plan for their healthcare expenses.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to the vision of creating an Affordable and Transparent Healthcare System. Visit our Facebook page, send us an email and get involved!

Together we can do it.


Bipin Agarwal

DZee Solutions, info@dzeesolutions.com


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  • Kelley Vivian says:

    Thank you for shedding light on such an important issue. Health insurance is only a start; we need to be saving for health care costs as we do for retirement or college. It’s hard to feel in control of your health when the system is opaque. Having good information about healthy living is already available. When we couple that with good information about short and long term health care costs of certain diagnoses or outcomes, we will be empowered consumers.

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