Creo’s team created a mobile first population health platform thatuses machine learning and advanced algorithms to predict and manageparticipant health risks. By combininga highly individualized assessment withpersonal health coaching and support,Creo improves clinical outcomes while reducing long term healthcare spending. The Creo experience is backed by a complete end to end digital population health platform that workson web and mobile and integrates withall the industry-leading corporate healthapps or devices, and clinical platforms.By leveraging gamification, customcontent, and active engagementpractices, the gstickinessh of the Creoapp helps propel participants towardgreater control over their healthcareconcerns, resulting in cost savings,for the employer, the employee, andhealth plans.A recent survey of Americafs chieffinancial officers (CFOs) indicatesthat rising healthcare costs are theirleading concern. gAs more Americanswork longer, they naturally use morehealthcare services that in turn driveup medical costs for themselves andtheir employers,h mentions Bernard.This correlation between aging andincreased costs is reflected in yetanother nationwide statistical reportthat shows medical costs rise byan estimated 25 percent for peoplebetween 40 and 50, and 35 percent formembers aged between 50 and 60.Most health plans offer casemanagement, disease management,and health coaching programs to theaging members, which makes themimportant for employers to connectpredictive analytics with accuratebaseline assessment that enablescare teams to intervene with theright patients at the right time in theright way. Aiding the organizations toimprove outcomes and reduce costsis Creo. The firmfs devised approach isdifferentiated from any other vendorin the market, as it emphasizes on athorough initial baseline assessment byproviding accurate risk categorizationto improve employee engagement. Thistranslates to a motivation for change.paving the way for a personalizedapproach to mindfulness, health, andstress, with personal coaching, andultimately.ensuring a significantimpact on return on investment (ROI)for employers.A Hyper]Personalized ApproachBased on the premise of effectivehealth screenings, Creo builds itsprograms one participant at a timeand customizes each program basedon the health risks found during theinitial process. The program combinesadvanced lab test results from apartner laboratory with the answersto Creofs health risk assessment (HRA)to determine the health risks, socialpreferences, readiness for change, andpotential preventive health measuresfor each participant. gHighly accurateindividual baselines enable highlyaccurate population risk categorizationand individual engagement,h addsTonya Mallory, co-founder of Creo.Rather than focusing on the overallhealth of a population with genericrecommendations for diet and exercise,Creo provides smart, unique, andtimely health engagement experiencesthat are omni-channel, integrated, andhyper personalized.The first step of the appfsworking methodology involves Creofsbiomarker blood test, biometrics, andHRAs establishing a highly accuratebaseline for population health. Theraw data that is collected serves as abaseline for improvement. Through theengagement dashboard, patients canmonitor their health risks and progress,live chat with health coaches, receivewellness challenges and rewards, andview informative videos and content.In the next step, Creofs rulesengine analyzes each patientfs healthassessment and creates personalizedaction plans based on their risk factors.The rules engine tracks changes in theparticipantfs lifestyle and pushes theinformation through the physicianfsdashboard, putting hard numbers onoutcomes and cost containments. Byanalyzing patient baseline assessmentsagainst patient activities and theirsubsequent results, the app continuallyimproves program engagement. Inaddition, the customizability feature ofthe app enables Creo in driving patientsto the medical practice for the type ofpreventative care that supports newpayment models.Engaging Patients throughGamificationThrough a personally customizedlibrary of resources and reminders,Creo delivers an easy, intuitive, andseamless app that allows people togain more knowledge and insightabout their health conditions, measuretheir progress against the predefinedgoals, reach milestones, and comparetheir performance against the setbenchmarks. The pre-set goals aretypically those actions that are tied toincentives but can also be individuallyset by the participant. gWhen patientstake these steps to be activelyengaged in staying healthy, they applygamification principles without evenrealizing it!h states Tonya.Highly accurate individual baselines enable highlyaccurate population risk categorization and individualengagementBeing a native element in the Creo program, gamificationlets participants use the system of gleveling uph after theyhave achieved preset goals for the level. gEngagement is a vitalmetric in the Creo program, and our technology is built on thebackbone of machine learning and artificial intelligence,h saysBernard. Another key feature that really changes the programdynamic is the Leaderboard. Individuals, departments,or offices can challenge others to any competition that ismoderated by the health coach and engagement teams. Thisactivity helps in bringing the program out of the smart deviceand into the office.The Creo app facilitates undisputed value for users andserves them with a selection of information and activitiestailored to their preferences, which allow them to experiencelastingchange sooner than they would otherwise. Bernardelucidates a scenario where Creo engaged the clientfsemployees on an individual level through the Creo app.By leveraging its health coaches, Creo worked with thecustomer to bring attention to the issues on a corporatelevel and made many changes that improved the culture ofhealth. Throughout the course of the program, webinarswith informative and interactive content were deployed andconsumed, and challenging tasks were implemented andmonitored. Creofs staff members reviewed the success ofeach clientfs efforts quarterly and adjusted accordingly.Delivering Effective WellnessIn order to enhance their employee wellness andbehavior change programs, Creo partneredwith AIVANTE Health Solutions,a healthcare financialsolutions company. Thepartnership demonstratedsignificant costs savingsand a substantial futureliability reduction for aclientfs employee populationwith the help of Creofsproprietary wellnessprogram measurementmethodology and AIVANTEfsanalytics. Creo merged itsextensive clinical diagnosisand treatment protocolsdatabase into AIVANTEfs healthstatus grading system.This resulted in a comprehensive and personalized healthgrade assessment for each wellness program participant.By using these scores along with the previous yearfs claimshistory as a starting baseline, Creo constructed customizedhealth maintenance and improvement actions for eachparticipant to be followed during the next one]year period.AIVANTE then ran its analytic engine on the clientfs census of187 employees and demonstrated an 18.6 percent projectedhealthcare cost reduction for the following one year period.Also of significance, a reduction of half million dollars in postretirementhealthcare expenses liability for the populationof 187 people emerged as a result of running the wellnessprogram for the one]year period.Bernard adds, gThe delivery of personalized, automated,and innovation-ridden programs profoundly differentiatesCreo from any other vendor in the market, and this willresonate into a strong and successful value proposition in2017.h In addition to personalized and high-quality clientexperience, the firm will also focus on the rapid developmentof a next-generation product that brings wellness into thepockets of participants, driving outcomes through truebehavior change. Creo is focused on integrating data fromelectronic medical record (EMRs), advanced lab testing,apps, and wearables together with real-life intelligence onhow users utilize technology for lasting change.This final piece is missing from most healthcareplatforms and is the Holy Grailin terms of how to motivateand engage individuals in theirjourney toward wellness, butas Tonya mentions, gCreo is allset to change the landscape inthe times to come.hAs healthcare deliverymoves toward valuebasedreimbursement, thebusiness model and the caremodel become increasinglyintertwined. Changes madeto care processes can have asignificant impact on financialperformance. Organizationsneed tools that help themidentify their revenue and cost drivers and provide insightregarding how cost, quality, and care decisions impact thenetwork as a whole. Creo is expanding our true populationhealth solution to providers to needing to satisfy both qualityand clinical practice improvements of their MIPS scores. gItis a really fun time to be in healthcare,h states Bernard. HTThe delivery of personalized, automated,and innovation-ridden programsprofoundly differentiates Creo from anyother vendor in the market

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