Obamacare vs. Healthcare

Healthcare is a big part of family GDP (Gross Domestic Product). I am not talking about US GDP (even though that is about 17%), I am talking about the family financials, income, expenses. Healthcare could take about 15 to 20% of your family budget.

Right now, there is lot of conversation about the Supreme Court reviewing federal subsidies for consumers in the states where there is no healthcare exchange because the states refused to set one up, so the Federal government did it for them.

I have no idea how the Supreme Court will respond, because they are as political as it can be. you can almost predict the outcome of most case based on GOP .vs. Democrats leaning of the Judges.

Irrespective of the decision by Supreme Court, fact that an Individual will be responsible for their healthcare expenses will remain true. As a responsible family member, it is critical that every body plan for healthcare expenses. Even during Medicare these expenses could be as high as 8000 dollar a year per person, that is a big money over 25 to 30 years based on your life expectancy and inflation. Total expense could be anywhere from 250K to 400K per person based on the supplement, etc.

Most important conclusion, irrespective of what Supreme Court decides, plan to save enough to meet your healthcare expenses pre and post retirement.

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