TBX Employee Benefits Partners With DZee Soultions to Offer a More Personalized Benefits Enrollment Experience

TBX Employee Benefits is excited to partner with DZee Solutions, a strategic provider of healthcare data analytics and decision support technology. DZee’s pre-enrollment analytics enhances the impressive capabilities of the TBX® system and helps provide a more personalized experience for employees.

“TBX® is an innovator in the benefits enrollment, education and administration landscape and as such, we are dedicated to staying on top of the latest advancements in technology. We are fortunate to have found a partner in DZee as their goals and commitment to providing cutting-edge technology closely align with ours.” said Joe Fernandez, TBX® President and CEO.

Bipin Agarwal, DZee CEO, adds, “We believe we have the most advanced technology in the industry for pre-enrollment analytics for employers and plan selection for employees. We are delighted to partner with TBX® to fulfill our vision of helping consumers understand, plan and manage their healthcare expenses.”

About TBX®: Headquartered in Dallas, TX, TBX® is an industry leader in all aspects of online employee benefits communication, education, enrollment and administration technology. TBX® does far more than manage data. A mere 45-days is all it takes to prepare a customized enrollment and benefits management platform. The engaging, educational and easy to use mobile friendly technology, provided in English and Spanish, keeping employers in control of the messaging and makes the benefits process a snap. Solving employer pain points is a key company focus. Compliance services are provided to further simplify administration and a cost neutral solution is available to help protect our clients bottom line. Providing employees with a strong benefits package is what our clients do. Helping them communicate, educate, and enroll is what we do. Learn more online at tbxbenefits.com

About DZee: DZee is a technology company specializing in data analytics and decisions support systems for optimizing healthcare financing decisions. In the employer benefit market, DZee is applying its patented technology to help employers and benefits platform providers design optimal benefits packages, while enabling employees to select the health care plan that meets their individual health care needs and budget. DZee constructs detailed healthcare expense projections and plan selection recommendations for individuals and families. DZee applies massive databases of healthcare information and uses millions of data points to construct personalized health status profiles using advanced analytics methods. DZee works with participant’s personal health histories, connects them with the experiences of peers in the larger population and scrutinizes all demographic, claims and biometrics to construct a unique and highly personalized profile for each participant.

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