Our Technology

DZee products calculate & predict your future for consuming healthcare benefits at a stunning level of precision.

DZee utilizes data at an analytical level of forensic investigation that is unmatched in the industry.

How does our technology work?

DZee solves many claims data imperfections by correlating a person’s underlying health status and their claims history to a highly articulated health grading process.  Health grades support a strong connection between an individual and a pool of relevant peers in the larger population who have similar health status profiles and health conditions. Each person’s health grade can then be rigorously tuned and intensely individualized through millions of scenarios and algorithmic correlations testing to identify the best-fitting health insurance plan recommendations.

DZee is uniquely equipped to partner with benefits advisors and provide client support and astutely personalized recommendations that far exceed the accuracy of the actuarial methods widely used today

Why can’t other plan selection tools make the same ROI claim?

Low Pricing

Our Low-Pricing creates a low break-even threshold, and achieves savings that are larger than expenses (positive ROI).

Scientific Methods

Other tools don’t have the level of scientific methods depth & precision for making astute cost predictions.


We apply big data, rigorous algorithms, machine learning, demographic matching & intense testing against 1,000 health plan attributes.


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What makes our technology unique?

The healthcare data banks that exist today are of mind-blowing size & complexity.  The vast intelligence that lies within this data has been largely untapped.

Our products deliver ground-breaking expertise in transforming an ocean of  healthcare data into actionable intelligence that matters most to you & your family.

DZee Products

Achieve critical capabilities
& objectives in 2017

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